Hot Steppers


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This is the pack that ensures you get hot flavours without compromising on flavour. This is the pack you get when your enjoy flavoured heat and savoury flavours. It contains-

Hot Red Chili 250GMS – a hot, savoury and textured sauce. If you like sauces that give you a good burn while you eat your favourite foods, this is perfect pairing for you. The burn is medium, so you get all your flavours and a big hit of heat.

Smoked Green Chili 250GMS – a medium hot sauce, for a more mature palate. If you like barbecues but hate the time they take, this sauce is your perfect for you. It’s like having a barbecue in a bottle.

HOT AF 250GMS – a newer addition to the El Diablo Sauces’ family, it’s a sauce inspired by american hot sauces. It’s hot sauce with sour and garlicky notes, that pairs perfectly with fried foods. So if you need something to go with those fries then this is your “go to” sauce.

This is the best way to get your heat and have it with a lot of depth of flavour. We got you covered, bro!