Mild is Wild


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This is the pack that ensures you get extreme flavours without any burn. It contains-

Mango Garlic 250GMS – a mild, sweet and sour sauce. It perfectly replaces Ketchup in your life and with health benefits to make every helping guilt free.

Kiwi Raw Papaya BBQ Sauce 250GMS – a smokey sweet and mature sauce, with an intense depth in flavour notes. If you like barbecues but hate the time they take, this sauce is your perfect for you. It’s like having a barbecue in a bottle.

Sweet Onion Coco 250GMS – a mild sweet sauce, with a whole hit of sweetness and sourness. The coco compliments the natural sweetness of the onion to perfection.

This is the best way to get your favourite flavours with a pack that is best suited for those who love flavoursome sauces, but don’t like heat.